Geophysical Exploration Equipment Installations

From tail stingers to wingtip pods and helicopter installations, Aerostruct has extensive experience in the design, manufacture, testing and certification of custom geophysical survey equipment installations.

Aerial Photography, LADAR, and Digital Mapping Installations

Aerostruct has extensive experience in the installation of Cameras and scanners, either by modifying the airframe of an aircraft, or by designing pods to house equipment. Structural modifications are substantiated via Finite Element Analysis.

BGA J-type Design and Development

Aerostruct have been busy with the design and development of the BGA J-Type Gyroplane, commisioned by Sabine Baring-Gould, over the last 2 years.

The prototype is now nearing completion, with succesful structural testing already completed.

Extensive use was made of 3D modeling and Finite Element Analysis techniques.

Slick 360

The development of the Slick 360, a single seat competitionaerobatic aircraft, was undertaken by Francois Jordaan for Glen Dell prior to the establishment of Aerostruct Consulting, but refinements to the design are continually being  made.

These refinements include a steel trellis fuselage, designed with the help of  Finite Element Analysis, to replace the structural composite mainframe.

Visit for more information on the Slick 360.

Atlas C4M-TP Angel

Aerostruct Consulting recently undertook the certification of the C4M-TP, which is basically a re-engined Atlas C4M Kudu. Power is increased from 340hp to 724hp.

Aerostruct was responsible for the compilation of a design file, as well as the planning and coordination involved with structural and flight testing.

Welcome to Aerostruct consulting

Aerostruct was founded in 2006, resulting in a diverse and effective combination of skills, expertise and experience.

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