Aerostruct has full 3D solid modeling capabilities. Alibre CAD Software allows the generation of 3D parts and assemblies with complex shapes. 3D modeling is useful for conceptual design, detail design, modeling for FEM analysis, and modeling for CNC manufacture.

Analysis including FEA

In addition to traditional aerodynamic and structural methods, Aerostruct also has Finite Element Analysis capability, using Algor FEA - suitable for many structural analyses, including composite structures.

Above: A 3D solid model of a pulley for a toothed-belt reduction drive, a FEA stress plot, and a CNC-machined part.

Left: A Half-model of a composite airframe, showing the stress distribution before and after lay-up optimisation.


Aerostruct has extensive experience working together with the SACAA in all facets of aircraft certification, including the preparation of applications for;

- Modification approvals for once-off modifications to, as well as installations of equipment in aircraft.
- Supplemental type certificates, for major modifications, and modifications to multiple aircraft
- Aircraft and equipment design substantiation, via analysis or testing.
- Aircraft type certification

Project Management

Aerostruct offers comprehensive turnkey solutions, taking care of every facet of a project from the conceptual phase, through detail design and analysis, to the manufacture and testing of prototypes.

Welcome to Aerostruct consulting

Aerostruct was founded in 2006, resulting in a diverse and effective combination of skills, expertise and experience.

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